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The 9 Most Common Reasons Freelance Writers are Needed

The 9 Most Common Reasons Clients Hire Freelance Writers

1.  The client is overworked.  The company staff writers are busy with other work and may not have time to do the project.  Or, they could do it, but not by the deadline.  The freelancer is called in to help with the client’s staff is overloaded.

2.  The client is understaffed.  There are busy times and slow times in every department.  Rather than over staff and have paid writers sitting around doing nothing in the off-season, most companies prefer to hire freelancers during busy periods.  Some companies may not have any writers on staff and must depend on outside writers of all their writing.

3.  Quality.  In some situations, a freelancer may be able to do a better job on a specific assignment.  One of the advantages of using freelancers is that you can pay for top talent on an “as-needed” basis, choosing the freelancer who is right for the particular job. 

4.  Results.  Whether it’s orders generated by a mail-order ad in a magazine, conversions on a Web site, subscriptions produced by a direct-mail package, or leads from an e-mail marketing message, the response can be measured.  And when the response can be measured, the client may be on the lookout for new copywriters who can beat his current promotion, known in the direct response industry as the “control.”

5.  Fresh perspective.  Staff writers can get bored writing about the same products year after year.  For this reason, companies turn to freelancers for renewed enthusiasm, new concepts, a new point of view, and fresh ideas.  Freelancers can approach a project with the sense of excitement and vigor the staff writers may have lost.

6.  The company or ad agency can’t do the job themselves.  This happens when an assignment comes up that is outside the company’s regular areas of expertise.  A corporation that has never used direct mail before would benefit by hiring a writer with experience in this field.  An ad agency that specializes in fund-raising and then acquired an account in computer software will probably look for a freelance copywriter specializing in high-tech.  A fund-raising writer may not understand the ins and outs of the software industry as thoroughly as a writer who specializes in that field.

7.  Unsatisfied.  The company is dissatisfied with its current suppliers.  For a variety of reasons, a company can become unhappy with the copy it is getting from its ad agency, in-house staff, or current freelance writer.

8.  The freelancer can do the job cheaper.  Most advertising and PR firm shy away from handling one-shot projects, such as a single ad, brochure, or press release.  PR Agencies work on monthly retainers, which usually start at $3,000.  Ad agencies expect clients to have and established annual advertising budget, with $100,000 a common minimum figure for small local agencies.

For the company with occasional rather than steady need for advertising and PR materials, freelancers are a cost –effective solution.  Most freelancers are available to handle single projects on a fixed-fee or hourly basis.

9.  Freelancers are more flexible and more accommodating than their other staff and agency writers.