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Small Business: 5 Simple Timesavers

Everyone that owns a small business struggles with time constraints. Here a few ways to help you business owner’s that are struggling with this issue.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction:  If there is a problem, fix it quickly.  Generally, the customer will know what will satisfy them.  Do everything possible to accommodate that request and the customer will buy from you again.  If you don’t, it may cost you more customers than one.  If your customers are on-line, make sure you are timely in your response to issues.  Your business depends on happy satisfied customers.   They are crucial to your business. 
  2. Reduce unproductive travel time:  Having to be at the airport 75 minutes before your flight can be a good time to catch up on calls for the entrepreneur.  You can also use the time for a 15 minute training session.  Don’t lose valuable time because you are traveling.
  3. Make it easy to work together:  Smooth collaboration between partners, suppliers, and customers is a definite way to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Ensure that calendars are linked to avoid miscommunications and scheduling disasters.  
  4. Streamline communications:  Delivering fast, knowledgeable service is the best way to keep customers satisfied.  If you are a solopreneur, it is more important that communication technology work well for you. It saves you time.   Autoresponders are a great way to save you time with follow-up.  You might also want to put a Q&A section on the website to take care of routine issues.
  5. Develop a long-term technology plan:   Find a way to replace technology that is obsolete.  Don’t think that just because you don’t have the latest and greatest, things need replacing.  If what you are using is working well, put your money where it will give you the most return. Technology is priceless but it can’t work 24/7 without a glitch sometime. Have a plan B for emergencies.  If your website goes down and that is where people find you, it can potentially dig into your income for the day/week/month.
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