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How Do You Make Decisions? Out of Faith or Fear?

Are you a slave to your job?  A slave to “the system?”  A slave to money and happiness?  Have you been looking for it in all the wrong places?  Do your friends call you the “Drama Queen?”

Are you suffering with work addiction?  Are you working 60
hours a week for your own company but not feeling any more fulfilled than you
were when you worked for corporate America?

Are you in need of an intervention?

ANY leap is full of fear, no matter how good the leap could be to your life.

So, how can you start?

1. Start by Being Honest

You take action because you have a level of confidence that it will work out. There is always some fear mixed in because leaps don’t come with guarantees that it will work out perfectly.  When you are doing something you feel you just have to do instead of something you desire, you are on the right track.

2.    Let Your Desire Drive You

Make decisions out of a desire for change, not out of a desperate need. You don’t want that need to be clouding your judgment. You want clear purposeful goals in mind.

3.    Monitor Your Motive

Feel what you heart is saying when you think about this decision?  Do you have a burning desire to take the leap?  Is it a pressing need that is driving your leap? Do you have confidence?  If not, this leap is out of fear and may not be a good idea.

If you are thinking clearly, you can envision the benefits you want. The desire in your heart will drive your leap and give you the confidence to take it because you will know what you want.

If you are feeling desperate, you are taking a leap in fear.   Stop and rethink the decision to leap.  Go back to step one.

When you have a pressing need that makes you worry, it is difficult to think clearly.  My advice, make decisions to leap when you know your motive is right and you’re doing it with a clear, achievable objective.

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