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Good Leaders are Good Communicators

Being a leader is a massive responsibility!  You are expected to get and keep the team up and running efficiently at all times. Anyone that has been a leader can tell you that the task is easier said than done.  After all, we are all human and have daily rhythms and emotions that we need to take into consideration.


One of the myths that leaders fall into is the myth that they are responsible for the team.  Each team member is responsible for themselves and their portion of the work.    As the leader, you are responsible TO the team, not for the team.  You are to provide the team members with the tools and opportunities to do the job but the members are responsible for making themselves happy.


Most people want to belong to something larger than just them.  Most team members know there is something
larger than themselves in being a team member.  A healthy work environment contains team members that care for each other as well as themselves and the team as a whole.

Value Your Team

The best investment in your vision is to have the right people around you helping you achieve your goals. It is important that you show them you value them…a win-win opportunity.  You give them the opportunity and they give you great work in return.

Clear Roles

You, as the leader must give clear roles for each person in the team.  Each person should know their role in the organization and what you expect from them in their role.  You will need to have total trust in each person you put in each role and make sure that both are a good fit.

Respect and Gentle Conversations

Showing respect for others is a key in the leadership role.  Here is where you will be leading by example.  All eyes will be on you,
especially when things go wrong.  What you do in those times will set precedent with all other members of the
team.  If you are kind and gentle and show respect others will follow. No one is perfect and mistakes will happen.


Most often in leading a group you are required to teach others.  What this really means is guiding others on their journey.  The
decisions you make must be based on the team benefit rather than your own personal agenda.  You will be a mentor,
advisor, role model and cheerleader.

Information Sharing

All team members must be willing to share information with others freely.  We all know what happens when information sharing is on a need to know basis…communication breaks down and everyone is trying to “catch up” but no one ever does.  When information is shared freely, the atmosphere becomes one of creativity instead of complaining.

Giving Back

We all want to give back to the community.  As a leader, make sure that people have the  knowledge and resources to give back to the community.  We all WANT to do this but only about 30% of  the people make it happen.  As a leader, you can help increase that percentage.

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