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Has Your Business Been Blessed by the Google Fairy?


Decisions, Decisions.  Is a Business blog really what you need for your business?

Deciding to write a blog sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Almost every blog that writes about business says you need a blog for your company.  The reasons, according to the experts are:  You can target potential clients; A business blog can give you more online traffic;  It can help you create valuable person-to-person connection (please); or it can help you create a community.  Do these sound like valid reasons to you as an entrepreneur?

What your company will become

The business bloggers say, it makes your company more successful. They also say that if you don’t blog enough, you are losing customers.  What is enough?  According to the experts, you need to be blogging 3-5 times a week.

Time involved

If you decide to blog, know that the endeavor will take a chunk of time to write blog posts.  Ask anyone that does it.   The expressed opinion online has been that many of the well-known and followed people who blog find they run out of ideas, time, or motivation on the blog content at one time or another. 

How often

It is tough to come up with three blog posts a week and not run out of ideas or motivation within a 6-12 month timeframe.  Even the most creative minds have trouble coming up with that many ideas that quickly.

Most people start blogs and find that they can’t dedicate the time needed to post as often as the experts suggest.  A variety of people get hung up on the stats and if they don’t reach their intended goal soon enough, they quit.  Many of the popular blogs are outsourced to freelance writers or guest bloggers.  Virtual assistants do a fair share of blogging for companies also.

Your company may be different

As an entrepreneur, you need to stop listening to the “should” advice and listen to your own inner voice.  After all, you didn’t start your own business to listen to others, did you?  Do these business bloggers know you or your business?  No, they don’t.  It is good to listen to others that have gone before you but listening and doing something that completely go against your principles or goals is not really what your company is all about, is it? 

Focus your efforts

If you do decide to blog, focus your efforts on great content instead of how many times you post in a week or month.  Keep an eye on your stats but don’t get obsessed with them. 

You will easily see when you get indexed by the Google fairy and you are blessed with the ranking dust.  You will have more than a silent fart of traffic. 

Millions of blogs 

 There are millions of bloggers online.  One less for a few weeks or a few months won’t matter.  Your survival is much more important than your Google rating.  When you have taken the time you need to nurture yourself, you can decide to jump back in or let blogging be a thing of the past.    

Not always successful

Jon Morrow, Associate editor of Copyblogger admits that he stopped blogging completely four years ago and wrote a post about it.  Here is the link to his story:

It’s Your Business; You decide 

Remember, nothing is written in stone and having a plan B and C are helpful…but if you enjoy not having a plan that is perfectly okay too.  As an entrepreneur, you will be able to see if something is working or not working and adjust quickly.   If you decide to blog, know that your blog will change focus many times in the first year.  Your audience will change too.

Twitter updates in advance: Meet Buffer [Review]

This is a Guest Post by Leonhard Widrich, who is the developer of BufferApp, a tool which lets you to tweet efficiently.  I am humbled to have a post by an application developer. 

Twitter is dynamic. It’s lively and engaging. Yet, if you want to write truly great content, you have to give it some proper thought. That is obvious for blog posts and in recent times, ever more so for tweets too.  

Buffer offers you a chance to write a couple of tweets at one point; delivering your well thought out tweets evenly spread out during the day. Let’s take a look how it works.

What is Buffer?

With Buffer you have pre-set times, at which your tweets are published, once put into your Buffer. These are evenly spread out over the day. You can simply add, say for example 10 tweets in the morning and you will then be delivering great content during the day.

How do I get started?

After your account is created, you can choose to change the default times, which are set. I have only done this once and after that I can forget about setting times. This makes adding tweets the only thing left to do.

The Browser Extensions make Buffer awesome.

The first thing I suggest to do after you have set up your account is to install one of the browser extensions. You will be able to add tweets to your Buffer right there from any browser.

So whenever you come across an article worth sharing, click the Buffer icon and add to your Buffer. It couldn’t be simpler. You can choose to either edit the tweet like we did below or add to Buffer right away with the suggested text from the application.

So for example, to share Fran’s post below, simply hit the Buffer icon. This is what happens:



Get lots of tweets into your Buffer

Once your Buffer is filled up with tweets, you can relax, as Buffer will be sending them out for you during the day. If you return back to the dashboard, you can always move tweets around by dragging, you can also edit them or view your sent tweets.

How can Buffer help you?

If you tweet a lot, Buffer will make your life a lot easier. Whilst you are reading blogs, you give it one click on the Buffer icon, if you think this content is worth sharing.

I feel this means no extra effort for me, yet I consistently share great content with my followers since using Buffer.

What I particularly enjoy is the great feeling of a full Buffer that will keep my followers posted in the coming hours or days. After you have been using Buffer for a while, always topping up with another tweet, whenever an article is useful, your twitter experience will run smoothly and without extra efforts.

You should give it a try, then leave a comment! (at top of post)

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