Making Words Work

We hear a lot about Mastermind Groups these days. Have you ever thought of joining one? Have you held back because of fear? Fear of who may be in the group? Fear that the group won’t help us or we won’t be able to help others? Everyone has fears around finding a group that they feel comfortable in. We all want a group that challenges us but also nurtures us and our business.
The following is what Mastermind Groups are and are not. There are lots of Mastermind groups out there that fall into the “are not” category. Choose wisely. It only makes sense to ask a ton of questions prior to committing to one.

Here is what Mastermind Groups are:
• Groups are small
• They have regular meetings
• They are highly collaborative
• Groups are structured for creativity
• Groups are non-competitive
• Should be challenging
• Should be friendly and supportive

They should NOT be:

• Focused on networking
• A workshop or conference
• Group coaching
• Group mentoring by an expert

When choosing a mastermind group, see if they have a “trial” where you can drop out within the first 30 days if you feel the group is not the one for you. Sometimes, you know right away…but many times if you check in with yourself, you will find that the reasons you are uncomfortable are not about the group but about your own previous core wounding. Try to work through it and don’t forget to ask for help from the leader.

Try to give the members of the group and yourself enough time to build a relationship. Rome was not built in a day and relationships take about as much time to mature too. Many will have forums that are just for the group: take time to read and participate in it.

We all have reasons we want to “run” and many times it is a lesson we need to learn but haven’t yet. This is a great time to work through it and get it behind you.

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